Sunday, September 27, 2009

Signal Flags For the Holidays

Here's a list of truly amazing handcrafters who can help make your Christmas a very special one this year. These women, and two men, make unique one of a kind items ranging from crocheting to whirly gigs. All of these crafters take great pride in their work and guarantee their work will last. You won't be sorry when you purchase from these wonderful people. Your only problem will be deciding on what gift to get.

Each crafter is listed with a link to their websites where they sell their items or to their blogs where you can learn more about their items and themselves.

I hope you will take the time to check out these amazing people and their crafts. You won't be sorry you did.


Kathy- Personalized Messages with Signal Flag Banners! Navy signal flags offered in message banners, nautical valances for window treatments, and vertical tapestry wall hangings. You choose the name or words you want to hang as a home interior decoration. Hand-crafted for every order. Anything you can spell, we can make.

You can see these items at IB Designs, USA- or at My Bonanzle booth Navy Signal Flags-

From All of Us At The Handcrafter's Cottage


Dede said...

These would look cute on a patio too. I really never realized that each designs represented a letter.

Navy Signal Flags said...

Thanks Dede,

Quite a few of our customers that have ordered the Vertical banners hang them near a patio or yard. Names are really popular, also.

Nancy said...

What happened to my comment??? I left one for both entries and it'sgone. Sniff, sniff. I must have done something wrong.

These flags are amazing and it would be fun to have a couple for the holidays.

The dolls are simply amazing in themselves. She is very talented and they look so real. I can't wait to see Nancy's dolls on here too. She's something else too.

Dust and Clay / Something Pretty said...

Oh my gosh, that was so simple. I can't believe I over looked it. I'm almost blind from looking at this computer screen though that could be the problem.
What would I do without my two buddies, Dede, and Nancy, to keep me straight.
Nancy your blog is beautiful.
All the things in this blog are great also. Now if I could post a picture or a link I would feel really accomplished.
Good going guys.
Blessings to all,